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Refurbish Process

Barudan Refurbishing Company is proud to offer the service of refurbishing our machines.

Refurbish Process:

 The machines are normally in running condition, but we are able to offer a warranty after we refurbish the machine. Not all machines need refurbishing, however, in our facility, we are able to completely refurbish a machine to factory specifications by:

  • Replacing or repairing any and all cosmetics that need it
  • Replacing the red cap on the needle bars
  • Replacing the timing and pantograph belts if necessary
  • Replacing O'rings in the neeedle bars and pressure feet
  • Replacing springs
  • New Needle clamp screws
  • New Needles
  • Any  felts that need replacing
  • Replacing rotary hooks if necessary
  • Replacing bobbin cases if necessary
  • Resetting the timing and neeedle depth
  • Aligning the throat plates
  • Setting the cap frame adjuustment
  • Replacing any worn parts
  • Adjusting tensions
  • Installing new software if necessary
  • Installing USB drive if customer requests one( comes with a floppy disk drive from factory)
  • Sew off a pattern before shipping to a new customer.


The machine will be ready to "Plug and Sew"    Any questions, please call (318) 466-1001