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Do You Need to Sell Your Machine?

Whether you are wanting to SELL or TRADE In your machine,
Barudan Refurbishing can help make a smooth transition for our customers.

Reasons to Consider

Consider this:

1. Need new Equipment?
2. Tired of dealing with the Equipment that just doesn't do the job?
3. Your Customers are wanting Embroidery on different kinds of garments and your machine won't do it?

4. You don't have cap, bag, or drop table accessability?

We here at Barudan Refurbishing company Inc., will offer you a fair amrket value for your Used Equipment, whether you are selling or trading in your
machine for a new One. We will handle the sale of your machine with our staff and guarantee you to be financiallly secured.
No need to worry about shipping arrangements, Barudan will arrange all freight shipments, and guarantee you to be paid in full before your machine leaves your company site. Freight Management is one of our specialties.

Advertise Your Machine

on our Web page

Find it hard to get the word out about your machine that you would like to sell?
We will advertise your Equipment on our web site,with your permission . We will also forward the information to our customer database to try to help you sell your machine faster.
Please forward all necessary information about your machine to us
thru email at, including the cost you are asking.
We will contact to discuss all the possibilities of your equipment and will contact you as soon as a customer is interested. Once we locate a buyer, we will coordinate the sale with the customer, send your payment to you, then arrange for the pickup. Depending on the location of the machine, you may be asked to assist in the loading of the machine from your location.



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